May 27, 2023

A misconception widely known to all is that if a guy is nice to women, then they will fall for him. The reality seems to be pretty different, and based both on the experience of millions of men and on scientific studies – women are less attracted to “Nice guys”.

A woman’s attraction to a guy is based on what’s often called “alpha mechanism”, according to which a woman will prefer a masculine, hard-to-get man as a partner.

In this article, I’ll give you several tips on getting rid of this “Nice Guy” behavior.

Why being a nice guy can turn off women?

As a natural evolutionary instinct women tend to get attracted to an alpha male- strong, self-assured and masculine. History tells us that guys were always considered as a protector.

In the new era where women are independent and powerful they still search for a guy more powerful than themselves. So being nice doesn’t work with women.

When men try to run an extra mile for the women they usually try hard to get her attention. Getting gifts for the girl or to be sensitive towards women makes them appear very needy.

And women don’t like to get along with needy guys. Women get very suspicious about a guys need. Women grade them as a friend not as someone they want top get emotionally drawn in.

So it is mandatory for every guy to break free from the nice guy frame.

Always be fun around a woman

Always hunt for new ideas to excite her. Woman love fun and they like spontaneity in the process. So try to ground breaking. Don’t follow the stereotyped ways of wooing a woman by being nice guy. Take her out with your common friends.

Ask her to have a say some ideas from time to time. Lead the path for her to follow. Don’t be afraid to contradict with her. The more you get rejected the harder you will try to win next time. And in reality this works like a hidden mantra for most guys.

Rejection will eventually give birth to a newly acquired confidence to deal with women. So when you approach a woman next time you will be practicing better to achieve her attention.

If a guy tries to polite and nice by agreeing to everything a girl says or ask for; then he looses his status of being a strong man. So to be nice guy has it own disadvantages.

Treat her equally

Try to be supportive to her. But never become a slave to a woman. This nice guy frame is a trap to get you in trouble by becoming a slave. Treat her like you would treat any other woman or a close person.

Too much of care and nice gestures can be misunderstood. The whole process of getting to know a woman should be utterly pleasurable and fun.

The more you be comfortable and have fun with a woman the better your confidence level will become. So go out and taste success by breaking the “nice guy” image.

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