June 2, 2023

So I get a nice note from this guy but he doesn’t mention anything about me personally in the note, so it looks like a “chain” letter or “template/generic” letter that he copy/pastes to women that he likes to quickly write them a note!

I personally have no problem with it, but it is pretty humorous even so! I have called out several men on this in the past in my teasingly, light-hearted way and they had admitted to it and were really cool about being called out and we joked about it online and in person! In fact, my ex-husband did that very same thing…admitted it and said it was just more efficient…him being an electrical engineer and all! It honestly is perfectly logical and I for one REALLY appreciate logic! 🙂

Well this guy wasn’t so humored by my inquiry and writes back a really nasty note…as you can read below! All is well because I just weeded out a guy who is so angry and ready-to-pounce (psycho) that I am grateful for his reply, so I don’t have to meet him in person and have his ugly negative energy all over me….Yuck!

Here is the trail of emails…with angry man…starting with the first email he sent:

“I am very simple in my thoughts, love to meet people, and am very trusting. I am

looking for long lasting relationship, and a lovely caring loving lady who will be

my best friend, my lover, my companion, with whom I will be able to share all my

laughs and sorrows, with which I can confide in and also she can do the same..

tell me more about your self,

Thank you very much,



“Nice note! How many women did you send that out to? 😉

Do you have any more pics?



“that is one thing i HATE about people like you. you just do

not have faith in your self, you will find it hard to meet

a nice guy like me, sending you a mail, means i have sent

to to many people… good luck


Bottom line you online daters out there…if someone takes an email so seriously and gets so angry with you…be grateful the universe has weeded out the psycho for you NOW instead of LATER!

Live Life Fully!,

Janet More

Creator of the Date! or Dump? iPhone App

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I am looking for someone who…has a great sense of humor and is easy going!

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