May 26, 2023

Dating has never been easy for some people. In fact, it can be a downright torturous and agonizing experience and one that you may be reluctant to repeat. That first date. Ouch. That blind date. Double ouch. The date that bored you to tears and your only thought was, “How can I escape?”

Then there was the overly obnoxious date and the overbearing date and the one where the guy wouldn’t keep his grubby hands off of you date.

Oh, the nightmare stories and tales of woe that can be told about dating. That’s why some people give up and choose to remain single because they cannot bear venturing into the dating scenario.

There is a way to take the pain out of dating.

What you need is a new way to find dates online. You can be in charge and don’t have to suffer the indignities that come along with posting profiles online and then feeling rejected when you aren’t chosen.

A revolutionary dating platform is what you need. What? A new kind of dating manifesto may work a thousand times better than what you have been doing.

Why not try it? The old ways haven’t satisfied you and, face it: You are not really ready to call it quits. You just want to avoid the agony of first-time (and usually one time) dates.

Sometimes, when you take part in an online dating service it ends up being more like work than it should. This needs to be fun. Furthermore, on the revolutionary dating site you don’t want to fudge on your online profile. You are not rich, famous or fluent in six languages and you do not want to pretend to be. So don’t. You want someone who is going to like you for you.

The date can be whatever you want: A drink, lunch, dinner or going to a ballgame, for example. When you join this dating community, express specifically what you would like to do on a date and where you would like to go. If eating sushi is precisely what you want then say so.

You don’t have to submit a profile or pictures of yourself. The “hook” is your idea of a great date and where to go on that great date and what to do. If someone reads your idea and says, “Hey, I really love sushi, too,” he or she can accept your date and the person’s acceptance will be sent to you via email. You can accept the date and respond to the email and go out that night if you choose to. If you don’t want to go with this particular individual do not accept.

Think about this approach: Post a date idea, accept a date idea or have your own idea accepted. After which, you go on the date with the person whose idea you accepted or the person who accepted your idea. If you don’t want to accept the date with the person you don’t have to.

On the flip side, you can see the date ideas of others and if you would like to go fly fishing, which someone hash proposed, say that you would like to accept the date. The poster can accept or not respond which means they didn’t accept.

If you aren’t quite ready to go on a date but want to get to know a certain person better before saying “Yes,” feel free to exchange emails or phone numbers if you wish. You have full freedom to play. Proceed at your own pace. There is no pressure.

If you are not quite about someone you are thinking about accepting a date from feel free to contact the online dating site and you will get answers to your questions. You are encouraged to contact the site for any reason, even if you think your question is silly. It’s not. It’s very important to feel comfortable when accepting and agreeing to a date.

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