June 2, 2023

This is the 2nd post on how to have a Superstar Online Dating Profile! My 1st post was all about Photos for your online dating profile! Check it out here if you didn’t get to read it yet!

So as I said before in my previous post…I was talking with a friend that just recently got divorced. She asked if I would review her newly created online dating profile and give her feedback! I looked over her profile and gave her some advice on how to make her online dating profile much more appealing! After sending her a note about it, I was inspired to create a checklist of what superstar online dating profiles should have in them.

This posting is all about what you should write about in the description section of your online dating profiles!

Your Description should:

About You Section:

NOT have lists of your wonderful qualities…at least long, long lists! Tell about yourself in a fun descriptive way that the person reading it can actually imagine you being that, like this: “I love to dance hence the title ‘Wanna Dance’ above! I am pretty action-packed and like to be playing in the game as opposed to watching it from the sidelines! I enjoy seeking new adventures for my 9 year old daughter to experience! I’d rather be outside than indoors and enjoy camping, scuba-diving, snowboarding, sand volleyball, jet-skiing, roller-blading, motor-scooting and vineyard hopping!!” NOT like this: “I am fun, kind hearted, creative, adventrous and well traveled man.”

Tell a story about yourself…tell us a story about what you have done or would like to do! Something like this: “I am a BIG Live Austin Music fan (used to frequent the Black Cat and Antones on Guadalupe when I was young), but have been out-of-pocket the last few years with what’s the latest and greatest band to see, so I would love to get my Austin groove back by someone in the know!”

Sprinkle in some humor and make us laugh! Have it be funny and entertaining to read! Like this: “Also, let’s be honest…size does matter… I have a REALLY HUGE heart 😉 “

NOT have comments on what your friends or kids(OR even your animals) think of you!!!! OF COURSE…they are going to say nice things! It is like a reference…they are always going to be good! YOU tell us about you! 🙂

Stay positive about yourself and life! NEGATIVITY IS A BIG TURN-OFF…don’t go there!

About Who You Are Looking For:

Mostly same as above but here are some examples.

Again here…keep it positive! DO NOT do this: P.S. Independence, financial and mental stability preferred; needy, negative and depressed need not apply.

Rewrite negatives into positives by adding humor: “If you are independent, not only financially stable but also mentally stable, please apply! Needy, Negative and depressed might want to go check out sadandmad’s profile! “.

Use imagery to say what you are looking for in a partner…”I’m looking for a VERY confident and making-it-happening man, who knows what he wants and goes for it with all his passion–who is up to big things in the world!! Must love to snuggle and kiss for hours on end!! Must be adventurous and very silly! I’m up to big things in my life and would love a partner to share that with and to support each other in accomplishing what we are out to create!”. NOT this: “My hope is to find a fun-loving woman with an adventurous spirit, who is intelligent, creative, spiritual, sensitive and compassionate. Some one with soul!”


Use your browser’s auto-spell checking feature…if words are underlined in red you might want to “right-click…then select the correct spelling that pops up”.

Following the checklists above for the description section of your online dating profiles and you will have men/women emails and winks galore in your online dating inbox!

Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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